5 SEO Tips To Maximize Your Internet Marketing Investment In 2017

5 SEO Tips To Maximize Your Internet Marketing Investment In 2017

Effective SEO rules have seen seismic shifts over the last couple of years. Online marketers have put in much time and effort into learning the new rules of SEO as they come, to leverage their content investments. According to SEO experts, the days of packing headlines with keywords to drive traffic to your site are long gone. The new SEO strategy is based on one essential big-money focus; experience.

Search engines are continually getting much smarter by the day. This means that the content creator is increasingly having much less control over how their web pages show up, and what keywords they are showing up for. The most important factors that currently impact SEO include mobile friendliness, readability and design, usage data like dwell time, and the analysis of a webpage’s perceived value.


Here are five tips on using SEO to make the most of your content marketing investments.
1. Intention is Key
Presently, you no longer need exact keywords for a relevant search result. Search engines are now analyzing how people interact with your website. It’s all about the post-click activity. This means that you not only need to get the clicks, but also satisfy the intent of the user.

2. Keywords aren’t Everything
It is becoming less important to use keywords in the headlines, as Google is now better at interpreting meaning. While it may still be helpful to include the relevant keywords in your content, the semantic meaning is fundamentally much more important.

As the search engines get smarter, they know and think about the other words that might be expected in the article, and what makes it a scholarly article about the topic. For instance, if you are writing a product description about Apple Watch, then you can use words like “Watch”, “iPhone”, “Apple”, “time”, and “apps”, so that if they are found in the body of the content, then search engines know it’s a pretty great article. For example, if you are looking for marketing help in Southern California and you type in seo los angeles Google will semantically know you’re talking about digital marketing – this is how Rank Brain works. For more information on Rank Brain and search engine user experience, check out the seo experts blog at seoexpertsonline.info

3. Emphasize on User Experience
Google is now making about 500 algorithm changes per year, and every move is designed to make sure if a user searches on Google, they get what they’re looking for in the first few results, and that they get a good experience. In this case, if you want to be successful in SEO, you need to make sure that the content in your website is the best possible in your niche.

5. Mobile Optimization
More and more people are now reading news on their smartphones, and it’s, therefore, crucial to making sure your content is searchable there. Ensure that the search engines can understand the content found within the mobile apps, and then leverage the marketing of the app regarding SEO, as this is an opportunity to both the consumer, and the B-to-B marketing side.

The central SEO tip for 2017 is focusing on your audience. Previously, SEO has been about promoting what we wanted our visitors to see. Today, it’s all about delivering on what people want to see to give your website a ranking boost in search results.